Soft Facts on Home Buying | January 31, 2022

Guide to putting your best foot forward
when looking for a home.

In this blog, we'll look at some of the softer aspects of choosing your dream home which may be just as
important as those harder facts. This is the 3rd in the series of blogs by Team Kaustubh.

Five features you need to consider before buying a
home that can affect your well-being.

1. Location intelligence beyond just the location of your home.

Aside from having schools, hospitals, and recreational amenities nearby, location is a significant
factor to consider when purchasing a property. As a smart home buyer you may want to know
several things about the area you are purchasing a new home in.

One of the most important considerations is understanding how political figures or your specific
local municipal authority is going to impact your neighborhood's development and growth over
the next few years.

You should assess whether these individuals are proactively working to improve the area by
investing in infrastructure, services, or other changes benefiting future residents in that area.

2. Qualitative assessment of the infrastructure

Having a good infrastructure is definitely beneficial, but it's not enough. You need to ask if the
infrastructure will benefit your commute. Is the surrounding environment that you're in for your
project usually safe? These questions have indirect bearings on the value of your property.

3. Understanding what constitutes real value of
your property will help

When we say value, we don't just mean the profit or financial value that your home will yield in
the future. Yes, it is vital that you choose an area with demand so that in a few years the price of
your home appreciates. But there are other important factors as well.

Myths like neighborhoods with a lot of greenery and maintainable natural surroundings
automatically increase property values are increasingly common these days and do nothing but
hurt people’s pockets! The natural surroundings of your neighborhood shouldn't be misleading you!

So make sure to also consider aspects like the quality of finishes and fixtures you get in your
new house, maintenance of common areas by the housing complex, good ventilation in your
premises, impact of any noise or air pollution due to the traffic in your area etc.

4. The next real estate boom will be driven by properties connected
by Metro Rail stations

While speaking about Mumbai, one can’t ignore traffic and the many ways people get from
point to point on road, rail and metro.

The local train is a convenient way of traveling up and down the city. However, it is inconvenient
when you have to travel in an overcrowded train.

The Metro Rail has come as the savior for many people commuting from Mumbai to Navi
Mumbai and the distant suburbs.

So the construction of Metro Rail connecting several places across the city will be beneficial for
projects near such locations, as such locations will become more popular.

5. Importance of space, safety & security in our lives.

The global pandemic has taught us many lessons, but one major lesson it's taught us is that we
need to be aware of the places we live in. The lockdown policy forced many people to closely
examine their homes and the areas they live in.

Many people have become more aware of what they expect from their area or home, like
wanting a community with a lot of civic amenities nearby, living in a condo with security to offer
extra protection, preferring homes that provide opportunities for fun activities during dark
times, having plenty of project amenities available so they don't feel trapped inside, etc.

Still need more information on your new property? You can check the MahaRERA website for
the registration details of your property and we recommend checking them out to see how they
might affect your project's timeline, budget, and overall progress.

Furthermore, you should also check up on vital paperwork related to your new property. We’ve
compiled a simplified guide for you which you can look up before buying your home.