Burgeoning Borivali | December 24, 2021

The Evolving Borivali and Kaustubh Group :
A Love Affair For The Ages

A romance that blossomed over the course of two decades, Borivali and Kaustubh Group are headed, hand in hand,
toward a future of progress and development. Read more about it in the second edition of our blog series by Team Kaustubh.

A long-standing partnership that witnessed the growth and rise of Borivali from a sleepy suburb to a vibrant and bustling city centre, Kaustubh Group’s tryst with Borivali began when they commenced their operations here, two decades ago.

And now, with twenty fruitful years of a great partnership behind them, the future looks brighter than before; especially with the best of properties like Kaustubh Platinum, a luxury residential tower, and the thoughtfully designed Sun & Moon, cropping being built here, the new metro line that is set to boost connectivity and the ease of living for those residing here.

How it all began

Twenty years ago, Borivali was nothing like what we see today. No tall buildings, massive communities, interconnecting bridges, or the like.

At first there was merely the LIC colony, colloquially called IC Colony today, largely dominated by the Christian community for years before it became a cosmopolitan settlement.

Even today, you can see remnants of the area’s rich history; be it the elaborate Portuguese Churches or the Kanheri caves.


The IC Colony Church. Founded in 1547 by a Franciscan
missionary, Fr Antonio Do Porto


The Mandapeshwar Caves was built around
550 AD at the beginning of the Gupta Empire.

Kaustubh Group’s relationship with Borivali goes back to the time when there was barely any development in the locality. But since two generations of the family had resided at Gorai, an extension of the Borivali area, the promoters felt rooted to the area and were deeply involved in the operations of the company and development of the locality. And that’s how Gorai became a part of Kaustubh Group’s origin story.

Fun Fact

Under the British Raj, Borivali was spelt as “Berewlee” since that’s how the inhabitant pronounced it.

The Present Scenario

  • Today, Borivali is buzzing with light and life. The last couple of decades have seen Borivali transform into an affluent suburb, which is one of Mumbai’s leading commercial and residential hubs. Boasting of every social amenity one could desire - hospitals, schools, colleges, cafes and restaurants, multiplexes and malls… the list goes on!
  • Though it’s now a largely Gujarati dominated community, the locality still stays true to its cosmopolitan roots.
  • Known as the ‘Suburb of Gardens’, Borivali has lush gardens and parks at almost every block. And topping that chart is Asia’s most visited national park, Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
  • From world-class schools like Ajmera Global school and Rustomjee International school, to other attractions like Kanheri caves, Mandapeshwar caves, Fish Park and more, Borivali is full of activities. Be it shopping, entertainment or good food you’re looking for, Borivali has something for everyone.

Real Estate Realities

If real estate sale price trends are to be followed, the values for residential houses in Borivali East have demonstrated a consistent year-on-year incline, right since July-Sept 2017 . This is also due to the fact that the Borivali real estate market has the potential to enhance property value sooner than other areas.

It’s no wonder, since the end of the second wave, the maximum number of residential project launches witnessed in Mumai have taken place in the Western Suburbs of Kandivali and Borivali East.

And with increasingly new business centres coming up in and around Borivali East, the area is now becoming a coveted commercial as well as residential destination in Mumbai. This is a sure sign of growth and demand, making it a smart.

The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Borivali.

Today, Borivali is witnessing a real estate boom like never before. Superior transportation, infrastructure, and commercial possibilities have had a positive impact on the sale value of this region. Which is why micro-markets like Borivali command a premium - because residential and commercial properties are located in a closer radius with transport infrastructure such as the Western Express Highway, the upcoming metro line, and the Borivali railway station, providing ease and efficiency to daily life and commute.

And with this boom, we’re seeing some of the biggest realtors in the industry vying to make their mark in a market that’s been engineered, transformed, and sustained by a handful of local developers. And it is overwhelming to see the Kaustubh family, made up of thousands of happy families, at the forefront of it.

So, if you are considering relocating to Borivali, upcoming projects by Kaustubh Group like Sun & Moon, a dynamic property that stands out in the Borivali skyline and Kaustubh Platinum, a luxury multi-storey tower that offers the best in luxury and comfort, are ideal opportunities to not just invest in but also to elevate your standard of life.