Goodbye Excess. Hello Practicalism.

Goodbye Excess.

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed our understanding of the built-environment, both in the context of living as well as work spaces. It has forced us to reimagine the way we live and work in the next normal in response to an increased understanding of the disease.

Extravagance, lavishness are now playing second fiddle to common sense. We believe that high-brow ideologies are being jettisoned in favour of practical, pragmatic beliefs.

A quick glance at the sweeping trend across various industries reveals that conspicuous consumption is being frowned upon and trendsetters are re-evaluating traditional lifestyle philosophies. And nowhere is this change more apparent than in real estate.

We are ready to reimagine real estate for the next normal.



We at Kaustubh Group have acknowledged this change by championing the approach of “Practicality” in the real estate business. To put it in a nutshell, we embrace the philosophy of practicality by viewing every critical aspect of property development through this lens and creating a product that works with our audiences irrespective of any market scenario. The new spirit of Practicalism is embodied in these 5 core values :

Project location

We spend a great deal of time identifying the correct location for our projects to make sure they are strategically located, well connected to all modes of transport and project an appreciation in real estate value.

Smart space planning

There is deep rigour and planning behind all our plans - smart and compact dwelling units with the option of expanding depending on our customers requirements. Our intent is to enable our customers upgrade to a better living atmosphere that is aspirational, and at a value that is reachable.

Necessary but not indulgent

Every project of ours is optimally planned to give you all the space and amenities you need in your life. Hence, our focus is always on the necessary and not the indulgent so that it doesn't put a burden on the pocket.

Agile & Rooted

Being able to address market realities, trends, requirements and adapting to it while staying true to our core fundamentals is something we take pride in. It is a unique blend of experience & agility that makes us who we are.

Lineage & Trust

Being practical when buying a home is choosing a developer who has delivered consistently and successfully over 2 decades and delivering projects across various micro-markets in Mumbai. Kaustubh Group is a name that has come to be synonymous with trust and lineage.