We’re a family-run company with over 2 decades of experience delivering living solutions that are refreshingly practical.


Founded in 1995, Kaustubh Group is emerging as a formidable name in the Real Estate Sector, a trusted company that is paving its way for a better future of its customers. Thriving on over 28+ years’ experience, we have created a unique market for ourselves by crafting developments across residential, commercial and redevelopment projects. Today, we are proud to play a part in helping families, individuals, and future generations alike thrive and grow, as they work towards their own brighter future.

Our structures are built with strong foundations,
and even stronger character.

Action > Words

We truly believe that our homes are a reflection of our character. That’s why we go above and beyond to make things happen. Whatever we say, we follow up with deed. Our word is our bond.


Customer happiness
above all else

What good is a home if it doesn’t uplift and enrich our customers? Because they are truly important to us. We strongly believe that a happy customer is key to creating a successful business. They’re why we do what we do.

Trust. It's what makes us
who we are

We aren’t just committed to building homes but building relationships as well. That’s why we believe in complete transparency in everything we do. Our biggest asset is the community of loyal customers who've placed their trust in us over two decades - they're no longer just customers,
but friends.


Striving to do what's right,
every single time

Righteousness and ethics are in our DNA. We understand that building homes is serious business, and we put our all into it. We take pride in making choices that we'll always be proud of, no matter how hard it may seem. Because whatever we are, we owe it completely to our clients, stakeholders, partners and community.