Same address. New home.
Redevelop your old building.


Step 1

Idea of Redevelopment

Our team identifies or the current owners connect with Kaustubh Group for redevelopment of their homes. We spend a lot of time understanding their needs.


Step 2

Meeting with existing residents

The team meets all the residents. Here, the acquisition team makes sure all the procedures are followed and ensures the consent of redevelopment considering their requirement.

Step 3

Documents sent to Government Authority for approval

Once we get the consent from home owners, the documents & plans are submitted to Government Authority for approvals, ensuring tenants get all the benefits


Step 4

Government Inspection

After the submission of required document, respective authority visits the building to inspect the site based on which they give the NOC.

Step 5

Obtain IOD

Based on Government inspection, NOC is received. Further, If the documents and proposal presented by the developer is equitable to the position of the building, IOD is passed.


Step 6

Makeshift Rehabilitation

This is the stage of vacating the building. Seemingly this is the most difficult stage for the tenants, hunting for a house on rent and shifting their livelihood but developers play a vital role. On vacating, old structure is demolished.

Step 7

Obtain CC

Once the demolition is done, Government Authority revisits the premises for verification. Post this CC (Commencement Certificate) is issued over the construction of each floor.


Step 8

RERA Registration

Once we receive the IOD & CC, we go ahead and register the project under RERA. RERA monitors the project on behalf of the home owners and makes sure that we follow a discipline in our delivery.

Step 9

OC (occupation certificate)

The last stage of the process is the OC by the Government Authority. This is only granted after the Government Authority is assured and verifies the quality of the work and safety measures. They also verify if the development has been done as per the promise to each of the stakeholders.


Step 10

Key Handover

On receiving OC, comes the moment of pride as well as satisfaction for us. There is nothing better for us then being able to stand to our commitments to bring you back in your new homes at the same address.